If you run a business, you will soon find that accidents can occur from time to time – even if you’ve done everything possible to prevent them. Don’t fear, our insurance bolt-on has everything you need to make sure you are covered whether a member of the public or an employee suffers an injury due to your business.
This bolt-on will provide you with up to £5 million Professional Indemnity insurance, £5 million Public Liability insurance, and £10 million Employers’ Liability insurance. If you don’t already have insurance for your company then we would strongly urge you to consider adding this bolt-on.

This bolt-on is included with the Complete package with the following indemnity:

£1 Million Professional Indemnity

£1 Million Public Liability

£10 Million Employers Liability

For more information on business insurance please read ‘Exchequer Accountancy Services’ Guide to Business Insurance’ in the Guides section of the site.

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