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Business Insurance

Exchequer Accountancy Services are passionate about offering you a full and complete service. Finding the right insurance at a price you can afford isn’t always easy. That is why we have the perfect insurance option for your contractor business and include it as part of your monthly fee. For only £125 + VAT we can take care of all of your accountancy needs as well as ensure your Limited Company is fully protected.

Business Insurance is designed to give you protection and peace of mind. With all the will in the world you can never predict when you may need it. This added security would let you go about your day-to-day duties knowing you have the adequate cover for any unexpected eventualities.

Key Facts on the main business insurances:
  • Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance
  • Normally a requirement of agencies and clients
  • Protects you against any claims made by a client who alleges to have suffered financial loss as result of an error, omission or negligence
  • Employers Liability
    • Compulsory if your business has one or more employee
    • Provides cover for your legal liability should an employee suffer an injury or fatality at work
  • Public Liability
    • Public Liability is not legally required but some industries specify it as a contractual requirement
    • It offers protection against claims of third party injury, death or property damage as a direct result of your actions

There are other types of business insurance not outlined above such as Tax Protection Insurance, Jury Service Cover, Contractor Sickness cover and Legal Protection cover.

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