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The CIS scheme is a special tax scheme for the construction sector. On the scheme, standard tax deductions of 20% are collected monthly so unlike most self-employed individuals tax is collected as you earn. Although tax is paid throughout the year a tax return must still be filed.

The way the scheme works means that when a subcontractor submits their tax return at the end of the tax year, most or all their tax has usually already been paid. In the majority of cases a rebate will be due.

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Personal tax returns

If you are registered CIS then you need to file a tax return annually. If the thought fills you with dread then we offer a range of solutions. We can take care of the process for you and help ensure you benefit from a tax rebate if you are entitled to one.

Choose from the following personal tax return services

Pay an upfront fee of just £25 and the balance from your rebate

With this option the total cost is £150 +VAT. You pay a low upfront fee of £25 then the outstanding balance of £155 when your tax rebate is paid.

No upfront fees

Sign up for our service with no initial costs.

When you receive your tax rebate we will retain 20% of refund value or minimum charge £250.00 + VAT.

For more information and to ensure you receive a tax rebate for any funds you are entitled to get in touch with us on 01244 569 893

Weekly tax return

Pay just £5 + VAT per week / £312 per year and your tax returns will be submitted weekly. If joining mid-way through the year, you will still pay £5 per week and then the remainder will come out of your rebate.

The benefit of this approach is that your tax return can be submitted on 6th April, resulting in any rebate being available at the earliest possible date.

This service is unique to Exchequer Accountancy and offers a great approach for anyone who wants to ensure they stay on top of their accounts and tax affairs.