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We are proud to say that we are the UK’s first dyslexia-friendly accountancy firm.

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How we help

Exchequer Accountancy is campaigning for change and, most importantly, providing a solution through the product. Exchequer offers a service that significantly reduces the struggles that those with dyslexia, and those without it, experience when completing important, often admin-heavy tasks when filing their personal and business accounts.

We do things differently here. Unlike other accountants, there’s no jargon, just plain talking. We offer simple, phone-based advice and dyslexia-friendly information.

Every member of the team is fully trained and understands the needs of those living with dyslexia. In fact, two of our accountants live with it themselves. Just some of our dyslexia friendly practices include;

  • Straight talking tax advice
  • Reader friendly emails
  • Taking all information over the phone
  • Organising all your paperwork
  • Managing your deadlines with you
  • Negotiating with HMRC on your behalf

Dyslexia in the UK

Research show that practical jobs, such as construction and design, attract more people with dyslexia than other professions.

Dyslexic adults are naturally drawn to hands-on occupations because they have the right skills - often being practical and good at problem-solving.

The British Dyslexia Association reports that 10% of people in the UK are dyslexic. Approximately 35% of construction industry workers have dyslexia, so three times more widespread in construction than in the general public. And these figures could be even higher as not everyone with dyslexia knows they have it.

Dyslexia is not just about having difficulty reading, writing and/or spelling, people can also have challenges with organisational skills, communication skills, short-term memory and working memory.

At Exchequer, we are committed to raising awareness and supporting UK construction workers with dyslexia.

For many adults, managing accounts can be difficult and stressful, especially with dyslexia. Let us lighten the load and take that worry off you.

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