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Five signs it’s time to switch accountants

Five signs it’s time to switch accountants

Weighing up whether to switch your accountants can be a tricky decision but one that can become a necessity for many businesses if they aren’t receiving the service they need from their current accountant.

But what are the signs you should look out for that indicate it is time to switch your accountant?

Here we take a look at the top five reasons why businesses choose to leave their current accountant and switch to Exchequer Accountancy Services:

You aren’t getting value for money

Many of our clients come to us after questioning their former accountants’ fees in relation to the work they carried out for their business. Your accountant should add value to your business as opposed to just simply carrying out what is required by HMRC regulations. Your accountant should support you year round.

You only speak to them once a year

If you only speak to your accountant once a year when your tax returns are due then there is a significant issue. A good accountant will provide numerous services, tailored to the requirements of your business.

They’re unsure of your business

If they only deal with your business once a year, it is extremely unlikely that they will fully understand your business and therefore will not provide the high quality service necessary to add value to your business.

They don’t utilise technology in their works

Cloud based technology is becoming an essential aspect of accountancy procedures as they firstly offer a high level of security, but also provide streamlined software that keeps all of your accountancy requirements in one place.

Your accountant isn’t flexible

Does your accountant only offer one set service? Here at Exchequer Accountancy Services we ensure we offer a number of accountancy options to our clients so that the service they receive is the ideal solution for them.

Are you considering switching accountants?

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