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IR35 Support

Exchequer Accountancy Services recognise how important it is for you to be paying the correct amount of tax and national insurance through your Limited Company. We pride ourselves on working compliantly with HMRC and that is why we offer a quarterly IR35 review as part of your Limited Company fee.

IR35 can be a daunting subject but with your personal accountant on hand to answer any questions you may have and stay abreast of any changes to legislation you can carry you work with peace of mind that all is in hand.

Key facts on IR35:

  • It is important to determine if you are classed as an employee or an independent contractor / freelancer from the offset.
  • Your IR35 review is made up of two parts:
    • The terms of your contract
    • Your working practises
  • We would recommend an IR35 review for every client you work for with a refresher review if your contract last longer than 6 months.
  • You should obtain a contract for each project you undertake to assist with your IR35 status and it is advisable to have an end date for each project.
  • The outcomes of an IR35 review will be:
    • Not captured by IR35 meaning you are working like an independent contractor and can continue to receive the benefit of paying yourself by way of dividends
    • Caution which means there may be a few items which need to be addressed to push you to the not captured status
    • Captured by IR35 meaning your contract and working practises lean to you working as an employee so a deemed payment calculation is required (equivalent to PAYE through Limited Company)

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