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Sole Trader Personal Tax Return

Exchequer Accountancy Services have a wealth of experience in working with small businesses, helping them to run and submit the relevant returns. If you are the sole proprietor of your unincorporated business, then you are working as a Sole Trader. You don’t have the same filing requirements as a limited company, but you still need to ensure that you report your profits and submit your annual personal tax return (self-assessment).

Exchequer Accountancy Services

  • Take the hassle of completing your own sole trader personal tax return away
  • Review your business records to make sure you have accurate information and are working compliantly with HMRC
  • File your sole trader personal tax return with HMRC to make sure you meet the filing deadline
  • If you have a personal tax return liability we will provide you with the full details of how, when and where you pay this

A sole trader business is a quick and easy way to start trading. Exchequer Accountancy Services and our team of personal tax specialists will assist you in maintaining your business records and submitting your personal tax return with no fuss saving you time and money.

  • There is little paperwork
  • You don’t have to register your business with Companies House
  • There are no registration fees to pay

Your sole trader personal tax return, will include the details of your sole trader business profits. These profits are calculated as the income received into your sole trader business less any expenses incurred

Exchequer can offer you a weekly tax return and expense tracker service for only £5 per week

  • Ability to submit your personal tax return at the end of the financial year
  • Access to award winning cloud software
  • Ability to take a picture of your receipts and upload directly to the software
  • Reduced risk of expense amounts being missed
  • Not having to trawl through a years’ worth of information

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