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The Exchequer Accountancy Services Tax Promise

At Exchequer Accountancy Services we offer a Personal Accountancy service so we independently validate all of your expenses. We do this firstly to make sure each expense claim is compliant with HMRC guidelines, and secondly to ensure that you are claiming the maximum amount possible giving you more money to take personally from the business.

With us working so closely with each of our clients we make sure that you are always compliant with the tax-man. However, in the unlikely event that HMRC were to challenge your tax status, you would have the full support of our senior accountants from start to finish.

We store all of your company documents from when you join us to allow us to promptly deal with a HMRC enquiry on your behalf should one arise. Because we calculate all of your PAYE, National Insurance, VAT, and company liabilities you can be confident that they are all in line with HMRC guidelines and we will fight your corner should we ever need to do so.

Our promise to you

  • All of your VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, and Corporation Tax will be calculated correctly and in line with HMRC guidelines
  • We will deal with HMRC directly for you and provide them with any necessary supporting evidence
  • Your expenses are validated by your personal accountant to ensure that they are in-line with HMRC guidelines
  • Pro-active expense advice to ensure that you are claiming the maximum amount possible through the business
  • We hold any relevant documents for 6 years for you so you can rest assured it will be there if you need it
  • We will make sure we are maximising your take-home pay at every opportunity
  • We will make suggestions on how you and the company can become more tax efficient

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