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Almost every firm of accountants seems to have one thing in common: they want you to work how they work. At Exchequer Accountancy Services we let you decide how you would like your bookkeeping to be completed. You may prefer to add your expenses and raise your invoices through our online portal, you may want to email everything to your personal accountant and let them deal with it, or even post it to us. The great thing about the service at Exchequer Accountancy Services is that you decide how we work for you.


The Exchequer Accountancy Services Tax Promise


  • All of your VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, and Corporation Tax will be calculated correctly and in line with HMRC guidelines
  • We will deal with HMRC directly for you and provide them with any necessary supporting evidence
  • Your expenses are validated by your personal accountant to ensure that they are in-line with HMRC guidelines
  • Pro-active expense advice to ensure that you are claiming the maximum amount possible through the business
  • We hold any relevant documents for 6 years for you so you can rest assured they will be there if you need them
  • We will make sure we are maximising your take-home pay at every opportunity
  • We will make suggestions on how you and the company can become more tax efficient

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